Executive Committee


Segun Adaju


Segun Adaju is the President/CEO, Consistent Energy Limited a social enterprise creating energy access for off-grid communities and small businesses through deployment of stand-alone, rooftop solar PV for productive use. He is also the lead consultant of Blue Ocean Nigeria, a renewable energy consulting


Adetunji Iromini

Vice President


Owen Inyang


Owen Inyang is the Co-founder of Juststandout, an Electrical and Mechanical company, pioneering Renewable Energy solutions across Africa. She spent the first half of her career in IT providing invaluable sales and marketing expertise to tech giants, notably Cisco and MTN. The later part of her career has been in clean or alternative energy. Owen firmly believes that the Lithium ion battery is the greatest GAME CHANGER in renewable energy in the 21st Century. She is a serial entrepreneur, investor, speaker and has many philanthropic interests which focus on bringing the vulnerable in society out of darkness into light.


Lande Abudu


Lande Abudu is the Executive lead of REAN’s Secretariat, driving REAN’s strategic plan and overseeing the secretariat’s day-to-day activities. Her immediate past role was heading market development at a leading multinational company, providers of solar home systems to off grid communities. With prior roles in commercial banking and management of NGOs in both Nigeria and the UK, she is a European Energy Centre-accredited Renewable Energy Expert and a member of the EnergyCPD Renewable Energy Professionals


Chioma Oma

Head, Communications


Teina Teibowei

Head, Partnerships and Programmes