Sosai Renewable Energies Co. CEO, Habiba Ali, listed on AWP Network Power List

January 29, 2019

The AWP aims to encourage more African women with powerful voices  who will continue to create programs and policies that support the development and growth of African women and girls.

In recognizing African women with powerful, inspiring, and influential voices, the AWP has released a list of 40 African Women.

Among these 40 women is Habiba Ali, a pioneer in the renewable energies field. She is the founder, managing director and CEO of Sosai Renewable Energies, an innovative company that brings reliable and affordable renewable energy products to those who need it most. Her sustainable energy solutions provide communities with unforeseen economic growth, increased capacity and the potential for greater business development.

SOSAI Renewable Energies Company was set up in the year 2004 with the idea of using market based strategies to address the issues 
of Poverty and Rural/Community development as regards access to Energy, Clean water and ensure positive livelihoods.