Vacancy: Technical Assistant

September 8, 2021

Job Summary: The incumbent will work as part of an installation crew on the roof of buildings. Must have the ability to conduct Site Energy Audits, calculate total power requirements for a potential customer, and design applicable solar power systems. Proficiency in Microsoft Office suite is an essential requirement for the role. He must be able to communicate fluently with some sales ability. 

Detailed Job Description

The prospective candidate for this role is expected to have knowledge of and carry out the following functions:

– Carry out Site Energy Audit (SEA) at prospective customer locations. Ability to engage the client and offer professional advice and educate potential clients on appliances applicable for solar power use and sell the same to the prospective customer is important for this role

– Use the SEA result to carry out power calculations and apply results obtained to design an applicable solar power system that meets the customer’s electrical load requirements. Do costing for the design as appropriate and prepare proposals for presentation to the customer

– Once proposal is submitted to the customer, follow up to answer any questions the customer might have and close the deal, resulting in sales for the company. The ability to close a sale is essential for success

– Become familiar with Treffen’s accredited solar products, study and understand their specifications and be able to explain the specs to the customer with the aim to gain their acceptance of the product for their proposed installation

–  He must be familiar with solar installations and be ready to work on the roof as part of an installation team

–  He must have electrical /electronic practical installation experience and be able to do load termination on the client’s Distribution Board

–  He must be able to attract business to the company by going out to market the company’s products during periods when there is no installation at hand

–  He must be able to use basic Microsoft office packages like EXCEL to do design/calculations, Word to do reports, and PowerPoint to develop presentation materials for prospective organizations

Educational Requirement/ Minimum Skills & Abilities:

The following Educational level and most importantly, soft skills and abilities are required for success in this job:

–  Minimum education of B.Sc or HND degree in Electrical/Electronics Engineering with at least 2:1 degree is required. A Master’s could be added advantage, but not required

–  A minimum of 1-2 years post qualification working knowledge and acquired experience as solar systems installer or similar role is required

–  Ability to work effectively as part of an installation team

–  Strong analytical and problem-solving skills are required for success on this job

Interested candidates to forward their resumes to and cc to